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SNAPP (Social Network Application) is browser completely build with many social networking sites.
For example:Facebook,Orkut,Twitter,Google+ etc.
Have fun!
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Facebook browser
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password for pendrive!
with this zip file you can create password for your pendrive
note:fist you have to attrib the folder you want to make password
step1:go to start>run>cmd.
step2:type the drive name (eg:e:) then press enter
step3:type attrib folder name eg;your name +s +h and then enter

if you forget your password please e-mail me
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usb locker
this is the software which create password for your pendrive
remember if you once forgot your password uou will never be able to recover
usb locker.rar
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Web browser
this browser is made by me ajay rajpurohit with visual basic

and i am not responsible for the damage of the product

thnk you and like on facebook and follow at twitter
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Image viewer
this is the image viewer made with microsoft visual basic 2008 express edition
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HTML commands
the file contains the commands of html.
to help people to learn html
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